Apple's highly anticipated iPhone 15 Pro Max will not be available in key markets, including China, Japan, and the United States, on the expected release date of September 22. Instead, the phone is set to hit the markets in November. Apple is hopeful that the device will see strong demand upon release, especially given the initial pre-order activity.

According to a report by Reuters, pre-orders for the iPhone 15 Pro Max began worldwide last Friday. Due to the initial high demand, Apple expects sales of this model to surpass its initial estimates. The company hopes to recover from a decrease in Apple sales in several regions during April to June of the current year.

Apple faces strong competition from Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei, particularly in the Chinese mobile phone market. Additionally, the Chinese government has discouraged the use of iPhones by its officials, creating concerns about a potential decline in iPhone sales in the country. However, the delayed launch by four to five weeks may mitigate some of these concerns and allow Apple to gain a stronger foothold in the Chinese market.

For China specifically, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is expected to be available after a delay of two to three weeks beyond the original date. Apple has communicated a similar delay for the United States, where consumers may need to wait six to seven weeks for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Japan falls in between, with an expected delay of five to six weeks.

While the delayed launch may pose some challenges, Apple remains optimistic about the iPhone 15 Pro Max's performance in these key markets once it becomes available. The company is relying on strong demand and pre-orders to help boost sales and regain its market share in these regions.

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