Apple's latest operating system, iOS 17, is launching today. Beta testing for the system has been underway since June. iOS 17 will be available on many models of iPhones, including both the new series and older models.

To get iOS 17, users will need to go to the Settings on their phones, then navigate to General and select Software Update. According to technology news websites, details about the new features of the system have been revealed.

Standby Mode

One of the latest additions in iOS 17 is the Standby Mode. When your iPhone is connected to a charger in this mode, the entire screen will showcase a range of informative content. Users can customize this feature according to their preferences. You can choose from various styles of clocks, calendars, favorite photos, weather information, music player controls, and widgets, among other options. Standby Mode is designed for charging your iPhone on a nightstand, kitchen counter, or table. It supports important notifications such as Siri, incoming calls, and other major notifications. This feature also works with the iPhone 14 Pro's always-on display.

Contact Poster

iOS 17 allows users to create a Contact Poster (personal profile poster) that can be displayed on other people's iPhones during incoming calls. You can include photos or memoji in this poster, and you can customize the font and background color. This feature can be used not only with the built-in Phone app but also with third-party calling apps.

Voice Messages

Another feature of iOS 17 is Live Voice Messages. With this feature, when someone sends you a voice message on the phone, you can see a live transcription of the message. If you find the voice message important, you can immediately receive it. Apple states that spam calls will be directly blocked, and transcriptions of spam voice messages will not be created.

Reply to Messages by Swiping

In the iPhone's iMessage, users can now easily reply to any message by swiping to the right.

Interactive Widgets on the Home Screen

In iOS 17, you can use interactive widgets on the home screen, lock screen, and in the new Standby feature. Widgets provide functionality like marking reminders as complete, controlling music or podcasts, and controlling home app accessories. Currently, home screen widgets have limited functionality because Apple hasn't allowed developers to include scrolling, buttons, or animations.

Advanced Auto-Correction While Typing

While typing, iOS 17 uses an advanced language model. As a result, it can more accurately correct mistakes than before. When typing, the device's machine learning intelligence will suggest corrections for mistakes more accurately than before. Additionally, users can now add words or complete sentences by tapping the space bar.

Offline Apple Maps

In an update similar to Google Maps, iOS 17 will allow users to download maps for offline use. Apple says users will be able to download maps for specific regions. This will help users navigate to their destinations without a phone network or Wi-Fi connection.

New Sticker Drawer

iOS 17 brings a new Sticker Drawer feature. This includes live stickers, emojis, memojis, and stickers for iMessage. You can create live stickers by pressing and holding on any image subject.

From 'Hey Siri' to 'Siri'

Apple has made it easier to activate Siri on iPhones, iPads, Macs, HomePods, and the new AirPods Pro. Instead of saying 'Hey Siri,' you can simply say 'Siri' to activate the voice assistant. This update means you won't have to repeatedly say 'Siri' to issue multiple commands.

These are some of the notable features that iOS 17 brings to Apple's ecosystem of devices. Apple continues to improve its operating systems to enhance the user experience and provide new functionalities.

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