ChatGPT has been shown to diagnose diseases that many specialist doctors could not diagnose. Many are surprised by the capabilities of the latest version of this artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot.

According to the report of the US media insider, during the Covid epidemic, several alarming symptoms were detected in Alex, the 4-year-old son of American woman Courtney. He was in pain all over, trying to chew whatever he could get his hands on. Daily growth has also slowed down. Courtney was disappointed after going to about 17 specialist doctors. No one could diagnose the boy's illness. After becoming despondent, he approached Chatgpt.

According to Courtney, in 2021, Alex started having problems with balancing the right and left sides of his body. He mainly used his right leg for walking and used his left leg for some forward movement. But no one could catch the disease.

After seeing 17 doctors in three years, Courtney found answers to her questions through ChatGPIT. According to chatgpt, Alex has developed abnormalities in his spine. Later it was found that the information of chatgpt is correct.

Courtney told the media, "I read everything on his MRI line by line and mentioned it on chatgpt." Courtney noticed that Alex couldn't sit cross-legged. He thinks that there is a structural defect in Alex's body.

Chatgpt later identified the disease as 'tethered cord syndrome'. It is a rare neurological disease. In this disease, the spinal cord is attached to the tissue around the spine. It hinders the necessary development and movement of the spinal cord along with the growth of the spine. This problem can cause severe nerve damage and severe pain in the spine.

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