In the aftermath of the nuclear conflict, the Western world's military alliance, NATO, is making preparations for its most extensive military exercise to date. The Chairman of the Military Committee of NATO, Admiral Rob Bauer, confirmed this development on Saturday. He revealed that an estimated 40,000 troops would participate in this massive maneuver, according to reports from Russian news agency RT.

Admiral Bauer disclosed that this joint exercise, named "Steadfast Defender," is scheduled to take place in the Baltic Sea region, involving Germany, Poland, and the Baltic States—Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. He emphasized that this alliance would have much work to do in countering various threats both currently and in the foreseeable future.

Earlier in the week, a report in the British financial newspaper, The Financial Times, suggested that the "Steadfast Defender" exercise could engage over 50 warships and between 500 to 700 combat aircraft from more than 25 countries. While an official date for the exercise hasn't been confirmed, the report hints at it potentially occurring in February 2024 if schedules align.

It's worth noting that in June of the coming year, NATO conducted its largest-ever aerial exercise in Germany, with 25,000 troops and 250 combat aircraft from 25 nations taking part.

Admiral Bauer underlined the significance of the upcoming exercise, stating, "The alliance is entering a new era of joint defense, and extensive preparations have been underway for the past several years." He expressed frustration with the lack of commitments among member nations regarding the development of a joint defense capability at this critical juncture.

As NATO prepares for this forthcoming military showcase, it signifies the alliance's resolve to confront evolving threats in an increasingly complex global security landscape.

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