Senator Mitt Romney has urged Joe Biden and Donald Trump not to engage in the 2024 elections to avoid further polarization in the United States. He made this call during a recent press conference, where he also announced his decision not to seek re-election or run for any political office again.

At the age of 76, Romney stated that it's time for a new generation to take the forefront in politics. He has had a long and prominent political career, serving as the governor of Massachusetts for five years and being a Republican senator for 20 years. In recent years, he has been vocal in his criticism of both President Biden and former President Trump.

Romney's decision not to seek re-election is largely influenced by his age. He believes that it's time for fresh leadership in American politics, even if it means stepping aside from the political arena himself.

In a video posted on social media, Romney stated, "I don't anticipate running and I think that's the right decision. President Biden and former President Trump, I don't think either of them are candidates at this stage. I look at them and say, 'Are you really going to be able to lead our country in a way that's more unifying than our nation's been in the last several years?' I think that's unlikely. I'm hopeful that we'll see new faces emerge in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party that will be able to bring us together."

Romney further emphasized that he doesn't believe either Biden or Trump can provide the unity that the country needs. He hopes that by not having them in the running, both parties will have the opportunity to choose new leaders who can work toward bridging the political divide.

Mitt Romney's decision to retire from the Senate comes at a time when the political landscape in the United States is highly polarized. He believes that stepping aside will give the next generation of leaders a chance to reshape American politics.

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