China has not issued any laws or regulations prohibiting the use of iPhones or any other foreign brand phones. According to a CNN report, the spokesperson of the Chinese government made this announcement on Wednesday.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said at a press conference in Beijing that China's market is always open to foreign companies. China has always welcomed them to share the fruits of economic development and exploit the opportunities.

He added that China has noticed "many media reports on Apple's iPhone security incidents". Information and cyber security hold a position of significant importance within the country's priorities. However, Mao did not disclose any detailed information on this matter.

He urged foreign phone companies to comply with the country's privacy laws. Also, it should be prevented that 'any person or organization' can collect personal information of the customer from the phone.

Citing unnamed people, the Wall Street Journal reported in a report last week that China is banning government employees from using iPhones. Apple shares fell on the news, sending the company to its biggest daily loss in a month.

China stands as the foremost foreign market for Apple products. Abt oua fifth of the company's total revenue last year came from the Chinese market.

Apple has not commented on this. Apple does not publicly reveal iPhone sales figures on a country-by-country basis.

However, analysts at technology research company TechInsight say that iPhone sales were higher in China than in the US in the last quarter. In addition, most of Apple's iPhones are manufactured in factories in China.

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