Twitter, a popular social media platform, has introduced a feature for users to verify their accounts based on government-issued identification (ID). This measure aims to prevent the creation of accounts under false names and provide users with "proactive cooperation" similar to age-based content restrictions.

According to a report from the technology news outlet TechCrunch, the process of verifying identities is being conducted in collaboration with the Israeli identity verification firm "Au10tix." The information used for identity verification will be retained for up to 30 days.

The report also states that the ID verification option is currently not available in certain regions, including the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK), likely due to stringent data protection laws in these areas.

Government ID-based verification will not provide any additional benefits to users in terms of platform access. However, it will help ensure the authenticity of accounts and enhance security against spam and inappropriate content. 

Users whose IDs have been verified will receive a badge or mark on their profile page indicating that their government ID has been verified. This information will only be visible when a user clicks on a blue checkmark on the profile page.

The platform is emphasizing that users whose IDs are verified will receive "proactive cooperation" from the platform, although specific details about this have not been provided.

Currently, Twitter has implemented ID-based verification only for users involved in financial transactions on the platform.

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